About us

Antares has been running FGASA endorsed Field Guide training courses (also known as Game Ranger courses) since 2000 and we have seen over 240 students pass through our doors since then.


Our students, who have come from every continent in the world and a great variety of countries, spend 88 days living and learning at the field guide training centre on the Balule Nature Reserve, a 40 000 hectare “Big 5″ reserve that borders the world famous Kruger National Park. We can accommodate a maximum of 8 students at any one time.


In the early days of guiding, we were affectionately referred to as Game Rangers and to many of the old school this name is still used. However over the past 15-20 years the guiding industry has become more professional and there are now different levels of guiding qualifications that one can aspire to.


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